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Take a deeper look into some of our offerings!


24 Hour Access Key Stystem

Murray Oil Sales is proud to offer a safe place for our customers to refuel with 24 hour access! We are open when whenever you need us, and provide a well-lit, safe and secure environment for your employees. Our 24 Hour Key Fueling program is an unattended fueling station, which as its name implies is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With 4 pumps, including satellite hoses for diesel fuel, we can get you in and out quickly. Tired of waiting in line to fuel your vehicle? Are you losing valuable time in long lines at checkout? Are you wondering just where all the fuel your company purchases is going?

We can help you with all of that!

Located at Altamaha Oil 47 1st Street Baxley, GA


Bulk and Packaged Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, & More!

Bulk gas and diesel offerings as well as bulk lubricants, automotive chemicals, bulk oil, DEF fluid, accessories and much more!

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